The Great Hand Plane Revival

The Great Hand Plane Revival


Bench-side instruction on tuning, sharpening and using your grandfather's old plane! [Read More]

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Bench Chisels

Bench Chisels

This will probably
be one of the most beneficial hours
you have spent learning woodwork. Chisels are such a fundamental...
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A Cabinetmaker's Notebook

A CabMaker's Notebook


A well known work by Krenov, this is the first in a series of four books written about the art and craft of cabinetmaking....[Read More]
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"The art of the Carpenter is employed in framing and joining pieces of timber, and fitting them up in houses and other buildings, as well as in numerous other employments of a similar kind.

Joinery is, also, the art of working in wood, or of fitting various pieces of timber together, for the convenience or ornament of certain parts of edifices, and is called, by the French menuiserie, 'small-work.'

Both these arts are subservient to architecture, being employed in raising, roofing, flooring, and ornamenting buildings of all kinds."


"The Book of English Trades", 1818



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Workshop Recipes

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Woodworking Projects

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Build a Viking Tool Chest with Don Weber DVD

Build a Viking Tool Chest with Don Weber DVD


Utilize this wooden chest tutorial to build your own Viking-style tool chest. [Read More]
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