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Houndstooth Dovetail and Blue Spruce Chisels by Mark Singer

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I am making the drawers for the bed side tables.  These are hand cut dovetail drawers.  I wanted to put the slenderness of these chisels to the test, so I am making Houndstooth half blinds at 7 to 1 ratio.

That makes the small pins very fragile and easy to fracture.  The chisels were great and held an edge... they were immediate favorites and I used them to pare and also to chop using a medium carvers mallet with a light touch.  To make things more difficult one edge is a half overlay front so the saw stroke is really limited. 

This is almost only possible with a pull saw, so the lip is not scared with the forward push strokes.  It is an advanced dovetail, but the same techniques are used as for regular half blinds.  I don't suggest anyone try these to start with, but in a short while , with practice it is very manageable.

The chisels are perfect for dovetails, period!  I added my 1/16" Two Cherries and a coupe of wide Japanese chisels for the long stretches on the pin board.  They are comfortable and even with these tiny dovetails were in control and a real pleasure to use.  I have many different chisels and these are the best I found so far for fine joinery.

The drawer making process starts with stock preparation.  Drawer sides are resawn, drum sanded, cut to length with a sled.  The results are dead square... there is no need to shoot for squareness.  The lap is cut to depth on the sled and finished on the bandsaw and trimmed with a large shoulder plane.



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