Half-lap Dovetail tutorial  by Mark Singer

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I chose to make the more difficult of the two joints... if the dovetail runs through, it is very easy... just do the same as here...l et it run past an eighth inch and trim flush... here the socket contains all the surfaces... so if you make this one you can make the other!


This is what I call the "one template" method... you make a temple on 1/2" MDF or plywood... use a bevel gauge at 1/6 ratio... Cut template on the bandsaw or by hand... fair with a rasp...



Screw the template to the workpiece the edge must be flush to the outside...ash is the wood here... Using a router and a 1/2" top bearing bit make a few passes... the mortise will look just like the template except for the inside corners that are squared with a chisel...

Now using the same template...(and so the name)... mark the dovetail on the other piece...saw this on the bandsaw... shoulders face and final after checking the depth of the mortise.

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