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  Mitered Dovetails ...a tutorial by Mark Singer   1 of 2  

Mitered dovetails are done much like through doves...  This tutorial demonstrates use of traditional woodworking tools.

The process explained here is probably more useful than the specific application to making mitered dovetails. The idea of cutting a bit "fat" and paring to fit will produce a better joint consistently... I can make a joint in one try... sometimes it will be good, sometimes I will miss ... This technique applies to exposed joints of every type and creates confidence. Through tenons, half laps, bridal joints, tapered slip joints, all the dovetails... make um fit ...!

The wood used here is Shedua... another unforgiving hard as a rock wood... In pine or poplar the joint will allow for tightness without cracking.

Sketching joints and details is a key to making them..... it allows you to visualize what will show and what is hidden... This is where practice pays off... if you know what shows you can go fast and still end up with a nice lookin joint...

Set the marking gauge for the thickness plus a 32.... Scribe a baseline on 4 sides... edges too..., These are 8 to 1 ...use a bevel gauge to mark and use the second board to support the bevel gauge.

Start by sawing the tail board. Saw on the waste side. Start the saw on the outside corner and lower it checking for plumb cutting as you go... The first pin on this sample is 1" from the end. Mark lines on the edge to help keep the saw vertical.



Using a knife and a square cut deeper on the tail board at each pin...this prevents tearout and seats the chisel in its first cut. Easy on the first chisel cut...remove the waste you have a shoulder to bed the chisel to... Flip the board at the halfway point... Remove the waste. Clean with a knife.

Using the tail vise to hold the pin bard scribe...the tail board limits the scribe... use 2 hands to hold the knife... Do Not Saw the last Pin line! This one miteres and blends to the pin... Mark the end miters with a 45 on the square and saw those to the 45 cut on the last pin... Don't overcut!

Try the joint by tapping togeter lightly...take it apart and rasp or pare with a chisel at the shiney or tight try...pare again under cut inside mark tigh spots...

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