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Building a Bath Cabinet by Mark Singer

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I am working down my list of ordered furniture for Ms. Kim.  Next is a Krenov style bath cabinet.  A finely detailed cabinet with knife hinges, dovetailed drawers, book-matched doors and panels requires preparation.

Mortising for hinges can only be done before glue up, for example.  The back must be designed to square the cabinet and still allow for movement.  The components must be detailed to accept the interior parts.  Drawings and a careful sequence of construction is very important... especially if it is a first time cabinet of this type.

While I am at it, I thought I might make little surprise for Stan that bought me these incredible Japanese tools...  so a similar cabinet will be for him.


The drawings were made in Turbo Cad.  They could have been hand sketches and they would have served the same purpose... working things out before you start!  I will be building a couple of these cabinets soon as tutorials and even though I have made many similar cabinets I just know these types of shop drawing really allow me to work out the details and prepare.  I also like starting with sharp chisels and planes... once I get started I may be too focused to stop and sharpen.  I do it before.

A project can be made simple with good drawings, and a step by step approach as you go.  I usually start with a pencil sketch... or several and then as I go I use Cad to feel the proportions and scale... I can think out problems this way before they occur. When things go well, you can focus on doing your best work instead of solving problems you just made because you didn't make the sketch to work it out.

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