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Next I use the Rotex with 36 grit in the grinder mode to refine the form and blend the contours.

Next the 2" Grex Pneumatic to bring down and define the "Hard edges at the perimeter and ridge.

Then back to the die grinder... Then a 5" ROS with 60 grit to further contour. This is the general shape....once they are all like this I go back to insure consistency and reshape the edges and ridge. I will end up at 220 grit and then finer pads.  It takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours per seat to 60 grit as you see in the pics.  I have done a lot of shaped wood objects with hand and power tools.  I can make the same seat with gouges and a mallet in about double the time and I still finish with sanding.

Final trim on bandsaw.

Zebra is a wood that prefers sanding.  It is very difficult to plane with a smoother. The Arbortech is a rough out tool and takes a little experience... it is like a rip blade with 3 teeth and likes to be pulled with the blade parallel to the grain.  So I didn't have unexpected tear out.  The Rotex with 36 grit blends the dips and hills into a level surface.  It is a process of going from course to fine with care.  One slip and you ruin the seat blank... which is about $80 each at $16 a bf.

You need to stay in control and take little breaks... the hands and fingers tire from holding the tools.

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