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  Sapele Bed by Mark Singer 1 of 2  

Today my client picked up the bed and many other pieces I have completed.  These are the first pics I have posted of the bed and attached side tables. 

This furniture is going into a home I designed expected to be completed in June.


Moving the tables forward separates the elements which helps create a relationship of back to frame to table.  It also places phone, clock ,lamp and other things in ergonomically handy range... as you get older and go to the bathroom 5 or 10 times in the night it is nice to have the tables to lean on... or trip over.


The drawer fronts are thick because I needed to make the overlay to cover the carcass.  Houndstooth are easier than you think...  The care is in keeping the fragile parts from breaking.  I have been doing this a while and that is the practice I often mention... practice...


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