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A 12 foot Wenge Dining Table by Mark Singer

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I have been working on this 12' long Wenge dining table. The wood is beautiful!  Real nasty to work with though...

Most of the work I have done on the table is pretty typical.  So I will only mention a few points...

For joining boards this size it is better to straight line with a router and a straight edge or a guided saw.  I used the Festool saw and I only have 2 - 4 foot rails so I had to move them and align them.

Picking up the boards and running them through a jointer is not an option... too heavy and too long... a jointer plane and a power hand planer using an 8 foot aluminum straight edge and reading the edge.  When gluing, clamp, tap together... clamp in another spot ... tap together... etc... the better job you do the less work latter... I don't have a machine that will plane or drum sand a 12 foot x 18" Wenge plank... so hand work is a requirement and if you are careful will yield a much better job.

The attached plan shows the structure so you have an idea of the joinery.  The top will appear to "float" over the legs as in trays I have made.  The second drawing shows a "cut list" base on boards I have. With the cost of Wenge waste is a factor and I like to maximize the use of the stock... a sketch of each board and how it will break down into parts is real helpful.


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