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Six-board Chest by Will Myers

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Will Myers


The six board chest is fairly common thing to see at antique stores and such places.

Most of them I have ever noticed seemed on the rough side, like a feed trough with a lid. There are nice examples too; I just havenít seen many of them in my part of the world.

Chris Schwarz has done allot of research and written about this style of chest recently on his blog at Lost Art Press.

This got me thinking about building one.

This chest is not really patterned off any particular one. Its dimensions were mostly determined by the lumber I had.

One of my favorite woods is eastern white pine; it is an excellent wood for hand tool work. It also has a wonderful scent that always makes me think of Christmas.

The boards for this chest I purchased at a local sawmill several years ago. They were 17 inches wide with some clear lengths in them around 32 inches.

I did all the surface prep by hand. Starting with a jack plane with a cambered iron I got the worst of the humps and bumps out. Next I finished flatting with a jointer plane with a slightly cambered iron.

I hit a place or two with a smoothing plane but most of the finished surface was done with the jointer (the underside of the bottom board I only used the jack plane). This left a slightly undulated surface to the boards that I have seen in a lot of old furniture.

Once I had one side flat I scribed a line with a marking gage (about 7/8Ď) and flattened the opposite side to the gauge line. I know this sounds like a lot of work but it went pretty quick, the wood was clear and fairly even grained.

I did most of this project over the Thanksgiving holiday and I had about 2 million extra calories with nowhere else to go too.

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