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Shaker-inspired Bookcase by Will Myers

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I have a book problem.

I have books stored all over the house; in drawers, boxes, closets and other places.


The trouble comes when I need a particular book I end up having to hunt thru my various book stashes around the house to find the one I am looking for. My book hunting routine is starting to get old. My lovely wife who is a very organized person is also getting tired of my little book problem too. I have been thinking about bookcase building for a while, but had not decided on what to build.

A little over a year ago my dad had three large white pines cut down that were getting too large and were way too close to the his house. When my brother and I were little the pine needle blanket that seemed to always be under these trees was one of our favorite play grounds. We would pile the needles up and make holes in the pile and call it a “bird hotel”. We made paths in the needles for our Matchbox car cities, rode our bicycles in the year around shade.

One negative to playing under pine trees is they always are dripping sap. If one spends enough time under them it will eventually drip on you, more specifically in your hair. There is no shampoo in the world that will get it out, my mother’s solution was to comb it out. The result In my opinion being on the receiving end of this treatment many times was more pulling out the hair the resin was in than removing the resin alone; Mom did not have much mercy on us with that dang comb either.

Long story short, I kept the logs from two of the three trees and had them milled into 5/4 boards. The two logs were both about nine feet to the first limbs, one about 40 inches in diameter the other 28 inches. There were several nice boards in the bunch but also a lot that were not so great. They were a bit knotty since they were yard trees, some had blued in the drying process, and few resinous areas here and there. I wanted to make use of the lesser boards if possible, which is when this project came to mind.

I started with the two sides, both of these are 50in long by 12 1/8in wide by 7/8in thick.

I cut four 3/8in deep dados across the sides for the shelves. I used a 7/8in dado plane to cut these, to get started you will need a scrap of wood for a batten with one edge planed straight. You can tack the batten to your boards with small nails that are easily removed or clamp it on, I clamped mine with holdfasts across both side boards and planed across both pieces at the same time. This faster than doing the sides separately and assures the dados on either side are aligned with each other.

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