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A Roubo Bookstand is made from a single piece of wood.




It opens as pictured or folds flat. The design is actually much older than Andre Roubo (he wrote in the 1770s), it is a traditional form for supporting the family Quran. Searching the Internet for “Roubo Bookstand” will keep you busy for many hours.

Here is plate 331 from Roubo’s book.


Plate 331 from “L’Art Du Menuisier”

The project is based on a “Woodwright’s Shop” episode from season 31, 2011-2012. Many thanks and credit go to Roy Underhill.

I’ve made this my hand tool project for 2014 and done several in soft wood for practice. In this web page I document methods and tools, especially where they differ from Roy’s.

I used construction grade 2x4s or 2x6s for practice pieces. The 2×6 version makes a fine Roubo iPad stand, the 2×4 size makes a dandy Roubo stand for a cell phone.

2×6 version Roubo Tablet Stand.

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