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  Reproduction of a 19th Century Rocking Cradle by James E. Price 1 of 3  

I did some catch-up work in The National Park Service in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways Heritage Shop by almost finishing a reproduction of an original early 19th-Century rocking cradle.


I started this project as a public demonstration and today I moved it much closer to completion. Perfectly clear pine was used to match the original cradle which is free of knots.

It will be held together with square cut nails just like the old cradle. I used period hand tools on the project after starting with power planed boards which I finished with a smooth plane. There are captions with each photo.

This is a photo of the original rocking cradle.

This photo shows partial assembly to test the joinery. The bottom
has been permanently affixed to the sides with square nails.

The tops of end boards lap over the ends of the side boards to create
a strong joint at the cradle rim.

The rockers are connected with a single stretcher with through tenons.

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