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  Reproduction of a 19th Century Rocking Cradle by James E. Price 2 of 3  

I drawbore and peg the joints to hold the rockers to their stretcher. If you have never used drawbores and pegs, today's post is about how to do it.

This is a photo of the mortise and tenon as copied rom the original. Usually the shoulders are more pronounced on the tenon but in this case they are
shallow as are those on the original cradle.

I used a 1/4th-inch dowel and the hole was bored with a quarter-inch bit.

The hole for the peg is drilled through the bottom of the rocker
an inch past the mortise.

The tenon is put tightly into the mortise and the bit is used to mark
the center of the hole on the tenon.

Using a sharp awl, I mark a spot beside the center mark I made with the bit.

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