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  Don’t Fear Veneer by Craig Feuerzeig  


Many woodworkers avoid veneer work. The need for special equipment, such as  vacuum pumps, tend to put this integral woodworking method out of reach of many of the crafts practitioners.  This reality becomes more apparent every day, as the dwindling supply of our natural resources, fuels the race for more engineered materials… like MDF, and the greater yield of thinly sliced veneer.

Vacuum pumps are great if you’re doing curved work, but for flat- work, no fancy machinery is required, beyond some basic shop essentials (no power tools necessary).



Craig Feuerzeig is the creator and manufacturer of The Bowclamp clamping caul.

This system is a result of 20 years experience installing and manufacturing high end custom cabinetry in the beautiful, turn of the century homes in and around Montclair, NJ.

He works and lives in Montclair with his wife, daughter and step-daughter.

The Bowclamp is a specialty clamp, designed to go where no other clamp will go… out there, in the middle.  Evenly distributing the clamping pressure everywhere along its length where it contacts the work-piece.


They can be used to clamp flat, large surface areas, using multiple pieces across the width of the work-piece.  Add platens (scrap MDF) to increase coverage as well.  The clamping pressure radiates from the clamp head, at approximately a 45 degree angle.  For each layer of ¾” platen added, that’s an increase of 1 ½” wide in coverage. It’s best to allow for some overlap.

Clamping could be done using a flat, rigid bench, but this is not a requirement either… again, nothing fancy.

Simply use the Bowclamps in pairs on top and bottom. Both heads of the clamp attach into the t-slot, eliminating the fumbling typically associated with home-made cauls, and flatten until the end of the work-piece.

Another added benefit, over vacuum bagging, is the need for the “right” size platens, and corresponding shim material, to avoid crowning of the platens, as the bag pulls the ends down. Since clamping is only done until the end of the work-piece, not beyond, this problem is also eliminated. Any size piece of scrap from the pile will do.

Fine woodworking need not be expensive.

“I want three dozen of those things in my shop.”  Frank Pollaro

BowClamp is designed and distributed by:
Craig Feuerzeig
Zig Industries
73 Glenwood Place
East Orange, New Jersey 07017
Tel: 973-395-1588

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