Last Minute Shoptime by Darrell LaRue

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Ordinary people do a lot of last minute shopping.
Some Galoots do a lot of last minute shoptime.

One of them is me.

I rummaged through some boxes of off-cuts out in the shed this morning. It was a bit of a chore just getting to the shed, as the ice storm we had last night froze the gate shut, and I had to clamber over the fence to get into the back yard, and then hammer the ice off the shed door to get in.

Found some nice maple and walnut turning blanks for Kathy. Found some nice butternut shorts for the picture frames I am supposed to be making for my niece.

Piling the wood on top of the fence, and then slithering over, trying to catch the wood when it fell down on me on the other side. Good thing it was only small bits of wood.

I won't bore you with the stock prep (it's mostly off topic stuff anyways). I pulled out a few molding planes and made a few samples out of some scrap white pine. I set up a Stanley #78 rabbet and fillister plane to rough out the profile.

This removed the bulk of the waste in 3 strokes. Followed up with a block plane to get closer to the finished shape.

The molding on the inside edge of the stock was done with a plane made by Wheeler. IIRC someone told me Wheeler worked in the first quarter of the 19th C. Not a bad tool considering it is nearly 200 years old, eh?

Here is a short video to illustrate the action:

The outside edge of the stock was decorated with a bead. This plane was picked up cheap at an antique barn. It is unsigned, unboxed, and has no owners marks, but does have "1/2" stamped on the heel. Looks factory made, and works great.

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