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  Re-sawing Board with Hand Tools by Regis de Andrade

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Regis de Andrade



I am originally from Brazil and live in Portland, Oregon. Hand tool work and studying early methods of working wood are my passion. I also enjoy making my own tools.

Most of what I know I learned from Gary Rogowski at the Northwest Woodworking Studio where I have taken classes since 2005.  I have also studied under Roy Underhill building a Spring Pole Lathe and I am a member of the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers.

My shop is just a workbench I built in 2007 in a corner of my garage with some tools and a wood rack above it. It is just what I need to do the type of work I do. My favorite tools are my Spring Pole Lathe and a treadle grinder I built with spare parts of a Singer sewing machine.

We all know it is possible to re-saw a board using only hand tools. But how is it done?

I searched the internet and books but couldn’t find anything that explains exactly how it is done, so I decided to try it myself.

First it is necessary to have a flat surface so you can mark the thickness of the board you want to cut.

Once this is done, I used a marking gage to trace a line all around the board.

A pencil is a good way to make the marking gage more visible.

Since I wasn’t sure about how to start cutting I decided to pretend I was cutting a tenon so the technique I used was to make two diagonal cuts and then cut it straight down the middle. But for this task it is necessary to use a pretty coarse saw, so I used a dovetail saw to make it easier to start the cuts.

I made a small cut on both corners.

Then to the bow saw. Cutting it until it reaches half way through the top of the board.

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