Shaker Boxing Day - a picture story by Greg Isola and Kirk Eppler

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Galoot gatherings - there's really nothing else like them. Recently, a group of NorCal galoot buddies who met via the Bay Area Galoots got together for a shared day in the shop, with a particular focus on Shaker Box Making. Here's the story:

It was a good day. This past Sunday saw a bunch of galoots planing, sawing, boiling, bending, tacking, etc. in ye olde backyard shoppe (and patio area).

Most of us spent the day working up sets of Shaker Boxes, but a few chose to use the full day of shoptime to work on things from saw totes to household furniture.

Regardless, things were accomplished, stories and advice were exchanged freely, favors were done, tools were swapped, barbecue was eaten, and the recent passing of a fellow Bay Area Galoot was toasted. (You would have quite enjoyed this gathering, Roger.)

By the end of the day, we had 29 Shaker Boxes on the drying table. Ok, whirlwind Joe Parker completed box and lid bands for nine boxes, but the rest of us did actually accomplish more reasonable goals. Plenty of pics were taken.

Kirk Eppler feathering band ends, Scott Murman using one of Greg's Goodell Pratt
eggbeater drills to drill tack holes, and Bill Kasper hiding whatever it is he is doing.

Scott Murman and Bill Kasper feathering the band ends.

Greg Isola using Joe Parker's open ended tacking anvil. Bevel sander
in the left foreground. Couple of stacks from previous sessions
with Ralph Brendler in the background.

Scott Murman improving the bevel on a shaper using the bevel sander,
then increasing the bevel to about 10 with a shim.

Paul Gardner prepping a board for a dresser.

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