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A Box for Yellow Blanky by Michael Suwczinsky


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My lovely 8 yr old daughter has had "yellow blanky" since the day she was born and despite multiple blankys of different colors and her parents attempts to cycle the others thru to spread out the wear so to speak, "old yellow blanky" is a threadbare semblance of its former self.

"New yellow blanky" is 4 years old and finally soft enough to assume the duties should OYB be unable to do so and said lovely GIT asked daddy for a special box, "with the wood that looks wavy".

Work started immediately and never has a project been done so fast.


Michael Suwczinsky

Out of the lumber rack comes an 8 ft board of curly birch from the trim rack at the BORG, all of $13 IIRC.  A quick resaw on the neaderbuddy and that was the last electron dead.  Then the MF #10 (wide smoother by less than dominent tool maker, Jeff) and the #80 and #81 scrapers to tame that curly grain in hard birch.

I've done this type of box before.  Flatten the wood, then groove the top and bottom, with a Record #043 grooving plane, then setting up a stop block on the Langdon Miter Box, cut the mitered corners with a backing board to reduce the tear out at the corners.

Since I was in a race against time and affections effects on textiles I didn't want to try and resaw, bookmatch and then plane thin a panel of the same wood, the answer was veneer, a material I've not used before.

A trip with the wife and kid to MacTheif's in Berkeley was successful, not only in purchasing 8 feet of curly birch veneer for less than $20, but in avoiding the contemptuous, withering distain of a specific clerk and suffering only the vaguely unhelpful disinterest of another clerk, who indicated there was no way I could cut the 8 foot sheet in two to get it in the car and walked away, leaving me to my pocket knife and their floor.

Got it home, having already cut my 1/16 inch ply substrates, used about half of the veneer sheet to make up the top and bottom panels.


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