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A Manual of Carpentry and Joinery by J. W. Riley, 1905




In writing this book the needs of carpenters and joiners who are studying the scientific principles of their work have been borne in mind throughout. 

Students who are attending classes at Technical Institutes to prepare for the examinations of the City and Guilds of London Institute in Carpentry and Joinery will find that the following chapters have the same aims as their syllabus, inasmuch as they are intended to develop an appreciation of general principles rather than to encourage empirical methods of work. 

In fact, the educational ideal underlying the syllabus of the City and Guilds of London Institute has constantly guided the author.

The simplest types of construction have been dealt with most fully, and the principles they embody have been emphasized continually.


Without going into great detail, these rules have then been applied to more complicated examples; for a long experience has convinced the author that a student who has grasped the fundamental facts of a subject requires a minimum of guidance in more advanced work.

Unusual prominence has been given to the elementary parts of geometry,  measurement, and mechanics, because students of Carpentry and Joinery constantly begin their work without this necessary preliminary knowledge.

Among other special features' of the book are the chapters on tools and woodworking machinery as well as the large number of pictorial diagrams of details of construction. It is hoped that in addition to its use by students of technical classes the book will be of service to practical men in the workshop and to schoolmasters framing courses of manual training.

Summaries are given at the ends of the chapters, and ample material for testing the knowledge of the student will be found in the questions—chiefly derived from past examination papers of the City and Guilds of London Institute - which immediately follow the summaries.





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