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Modern Practical Joinery by George Ellis, 1908




The first edition and subsequent reprints of this book having been exhausted, an opportunity has been afforded the author of revising and enlarging the book in accordance with suggestions made to him by reviewers and correspondents. He has especially introduced several chapters describing the chief types of machines, their use and working, and machine workshop practice. 

The subject cannot, of course, be dealt with exhaustively, or even fully, in the given space, but it is hoped that the treatment will not be found altogether inadequate, and that this new feature, which has entailed much research, will prove of value to craftsmen and builders.

Various additions have been made to the chapters upon "Doors," "Frames," "Windows," "Shop Fronts," and “Miscellaneous Fittings," mainly in the shape of further plates of modern examples.


Some few drawings have been removed, and others substituted to render clearer the explanations. 

The Glossary and Index have been considerably enlarged; in the latter case the author believes that every important item in the book is now indexed at least twice, and this he trusts will render it much more serviceable as a work of reference than hitherto.

In conclusion, the author desires to express his gratitude for the friendly and appreciative reception accorded to his labours by his critics and the public, and trusts this new edition will prove as useful as its predecessors.

George Ellis



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