Joinery in the Home by George Ashdown Audsley, LL. D., 1916


A Practical Manual for the Amateur Joiner on the Construction of Articles of Domestic Furniture


In offering the present Manual to the amateur interested in the Art of Joinery, we trust it will be found sufficient, in all essentials, to instruct him in the methods of working necessary for the easy construction of articles of use and beauty.

We have written it in the simplest and most concise style, so as to prevent any confusion or misunderstanding in the mind of the amateur: and have furnished him with a series of designs, carefully drawn and detailed to scale, such as has never before been given in a handbook on the Art of Joinery. From these designs the amateur cannot fail to select a suitable article on which to try his skill.

All the illustrations have been specially drawn by us, with the exception of the few engravings given in pages 43 to 50, which have been kindly contributed by Mr. Richard Melhuish.



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